The Importance of Taking Your Dog for Exercise

The Importance of Taking Your Dog for ExerciseWe want to take some time and discuss why it is very important for one to take their dog for a jog or even for extended body exercises. You see, just like human beings, dogs need to be kept happy and healthy. One of the best ways to keep your dog happy is to have it taken out for jogging. Just like human beings, the dongs like outings and when you jog with them, they feel happy and they will d3efinetely be happy animals.

There is a lot of information about dog exercise that you can find on the internet. You only need to visit website so that you can get it. We need to discuss the particular reasons why you should take your dog out for exercise on a regular basis. Here are some of the advantages that come with the exercises:

  1. Good Health- it is a well known fact that all animals need to exercise for good health. The same case applies to dogs. There are many activities that your dog can take part in and help it to exercise. Whether the dog is jogging, playing outdoors or even indoors, this will be still a good way to have them exercise. There are even some dog treadmills that you can buy for your dog so that he can have a good place to do body exercise in the house. One of the ways that exercise help the dog in health is that it will not easily suffer any heart problems. The daily exercises help the dog to have better blood circulation. A dog that exercises regularly is not going to suffer any kind of stress. Exercises are recommended for dogs that have insomnia.
  1. Healthy Weight- if you do not want your dog to be obese, then exercises is what the dog needs. Dogs that are overweight are less active. They are likely to get a lot of stress and be prone to heart attacks. You do not want this for your pet. You should make your dog exercise and this will help the pet to be healthy, vibrant and generally healthy.
  1. Unwanted Dog Behaviors- there are some behaviors that dogs pick out of boredom. These are activities such a chewing, digging and barking anyhow. If you take your dog out for practice, then you can be sure that he will do less of these activities. You need to offer the dog some challenging practice activities so that he can be happy and have more exercises to balance the body energy.
  1. Build Confidence- just like human beings, dogs need to build confidence in their lives. The dog will be less anxious with more exercises and this means that you have to get a regular routine of exercise for the pet. A dog that does proper exercises is more outgoing and happy than one that does not.

The amount of exercise that a dog needs will depend on their sizes and their breeds. You can be guided by a vet if you need more information.

Keeping Your Body in the Right Health is the First Step to Keeping off Diseases

Keeping Your Body in the Right Health is the First Step to Keeping off DiseasesIt is possible to think that a good diet is the only thing that your body needs to keep off most of the diseases. While this might account for a higher percentage, it is not all what you need to keep healthy. You must take care of your mental, spiritual, physical, emotional as well as the social aspects in order to remain healthy. This will therefore be a good way to work towards improving your financial stability since you will save more on medication. It is therefore good to ensure you eat a balanced diet and at the same time do exercises to keep your body physically fit.

Research shows that those people who suffer from obesity are not because they eat a lot. However, they eat the wrong combinations of foods and moreover do not do exercises to cut down this weight. There is therefore low metabolism and much of the foods eaten are stored as fats. While some diseases might just be minor, there are other diseases that pose a greater risk to the body. These are diseases which necessitate surgery for recovery; which is never a guarantee anyway because people have lost lives in the process. Before you can even think of a knife going through your body, it is better to think of a healthy living. It is more peaceful that way.

Why you should try as much to avoid surgery

By matter of fact, there is no safe surgery. Surgery is a dangerous exercise. It is always a serious insult to the body. If you know this, then you will not leave your body to chance. Surgery could lead to blood clot, excessive bleeding, and damage to other body organs as well as infections due to the exposed parts of the body and probably the tools used to perform the exercise. Imagine yourself receiving the news of a Diabetes surgery yet you could have avoided this by maintaining a healthy diet, doing exercises, avoiding stress and other simple exercises. This I am sure is not the best news to think of. This is why it is good to observe a healthy lifestyle.

The environment and your health

Apart from maintaining a good diet and ensuring enough exercises, it is good to be sure that the environment one is living in is safe for human habitation. Pollution can pose a great risk to individual health. You should therefore take measures to control pollution whether air, water, soil or even noise pollution. Water pollution could lead to water borne diseases just like air pollution causes airborne diseases. On the other hand, poor disposal of wastes could cause accidents and diseases too, for example, poor sewage disposal could be a great risk to one’s health. Ensure you clear bushes around you to eliminate breeding grounds for disease causing agents. Drain any stagnant water around the home to prevent growth of mosquitoes. Do not use chemicals that are not friendly to human health on the vegetation around your home.

Facts Every Man Should Know about Health and Wellbeing

Facts Every Man Should Know about Health and WellbeingWhat many people do not know is that health should be every individual’s treasure. This is the only way to reduce the prevalence of the preventive diseases. However, these diseases are on the rise because we never connect our actions with the outcome. We should realize that our lifestyle has a great impact on our health. The food we eat affects our health. The levels of activities we observe also affect our health. If we make it a habit to do exercises every day, then we can be sure that our health is safe. This is why it is necessary to educate people about how their bodies function, what it is the body organs need and how to best take care of oneself.

Health is obviously more than just being free from diseases and illnesses as it is clearly indicated by the World Health Organization though this is still a good way to prove that one is healthy. Good optimal health will extend to include mental, social, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. Social health is concerned with how well we can interact with other people as well as the environment and maintain a healthy relationship. Mental health measures our ability to grow in intellect. This is through the experiences we get in our lives. Emotional health is the ability to control one’s emotions and be free to express them to others without feeling any uneasy. Spiritual health is determined by one’s faith and so it will vary from one person to another.

What therefore should be our concern in order to ensure good health?

We must strive to maintain a positive lifestyle behavior and attitude to ensure we live a quality life. We must be cautious abut those factors that affect our lives which include nutrition, the level of physical activities, how we cope with stress, our career success as well as endeavor to maintain healthy relationships. This will ensure that we live a balanced life that takes care of the body, soul and mind. Eating a balanced diet is a sure way that we can improve our health. The mistake that people make is that they include all the types of nutrients needed, that is, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals but in the wrong proportions.

Having too much of one and ignoring the rest is in itself going to do no good. People are also busy with their schedules and so some end up skipping meals while others will just eat anything that comes their way. Within no time, one has gained unnecessary weight and the next step is to go out looking for weight loss pills. This may compound the problem when one has to deal with the side effects of the pills. What follows is stress and therefore poor health. A good diet accompanied by some little exercises will go a long way to improve our lives.

The importance of the natural sun to our health

While most of the nutrients are obtained from plants, the sun is also a good vitamin source. This is where we get the natural vitamin D from which is very essential for preventing rickets. This is why it is advisable to have the newborn out in the sun more often to promote a healthy growth. You can enjoy this sun from your deck as you enjoy the beauty of your environment. You may therefore need deck railings to improve the environment around you. Aluminum and glass railings could serve this purpose best. The sun is naturally available and so there is no reason to suffer diseases. However, too much of it could harm us.

Taking Care of the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing of Your Family

Taking Care of the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing of Your FamilyFamily is the most important institution in any society and to an individual. This is the place where you get unconditional love. It is the source of life and continuation of a society. From a family come great minds that can steer the society forward. Having a sense of belonging gives one peace of mind that there are people to turn to when need arises. There are intense storms all about us and the family becomes the only place for refuge. It is said that blood is thicker than water and therefore having a family is the only way you can be sure never to be alone and lonely. This is why the health and the well being of your family should come first to ensure that there is peace.

What constitutes a healthy family?

While diet plays a great role in ensuring a healthy family, there is obviously more to this. Besides ensuring a balanced diet, you will need to see to it that your family is physically fit as well. Children should therefore be allowed enough time to play. You as the adults in the family will be required to keep active as well. Do exercises at your free time at home or go to the gym if you can. A happy family is a healthy family. It is said that being happy adds days to your life. Whether this is a fact or fiction is still subject to discussion but you can be sure that a happy person will have a smooth life and therefore no stress. Stress is capable of reducing your days. To ensure that everyone is happy, show care and compassionate to one another. Teach your children to love one another and appreciate every effort each individual puts in the family no matter how insignificant it is. That way, one will want to do even more. There is need to ensure that the environment is clean and can sustain life without fear of diseases. There are those diseases that come as a result of a poorly maintained environment such as malaria as a result of stagnant water, water borne diseases due to dirty water as well as poor drainage, cold and flu due to damp conditions among others. A clean environment coupled with a good diet will ensure a healthy family.

Marriage as the source of a family

Marriage is important for the continuation of a generation. People get into marriage for companion and at the same time bring new life to the world. Marriage is therefore seen to be complete only when there are children involved. However, there are those who cannot bear children and this can be stressing at some point. The option to adopt can work to help these people live a healthy life. It all beings with accepting the situation at hand. On the other hand, there are those who believe that a wedding completes the marriage and not the children. This is also a valid opinion for them. However, planning for a wedding may seem so simple but the truth of the matter is that this is not as easy as it looks. Let us look at the issue of the wedding to help those who believe in this idea.

How to make the best out of your wedding

People who understand how tough it can be to make the wedding day a success will appreciate the advice offered in the free wedding websites. People lose their hair trying to come up with ways to ensure that the day turns out to be what they always dream of. You can avoid these sleepless nights by having a wedding planning checklist of all the things you need to do before, during and after the actual day. This is the first step to ensuring that you and the other invited guests, family and friends have a memorable day of their life. Having a good plan will help you show the beauty of your wedding. There is nothing as romantic as the couples in a wedding being at their best state of mind with no stress.

However, wedding should not be the end of a marriage as it sometimes happens. Couples must be ready for the ups and downs thereafter.

Maintaining Good Health for Your Family: Healthy Living Tips

Maintaining Good Health for Your Family: Healthy Living TipsPeople believe that being healthy only involves eating a balanced diet. There are those who believe that healthy people are those who appear big in size. The truth of the matter is that there are people who are big but wish they could get smaller even for a while. This is because their size denies them some fun in life. Probably they are suffering from some diseases like obesity which puts them at greater risk of further attack. Others cannot do much work because their body is too heavy for more. There are those who feel that they are a social misfit especially where thin is in the society and so gaining weight becomes a great concern. Being healthy therefore involves eating well and at the same time ensuring that you maintain your physical fitness by doing exercises. You also need to avoid some of the products that could be disastrous to your health such as smoking tobacco and taking excessive alcohol.

How do you ensure that you eat right and how important is this?

Generally, people are so busy such that eating becomes an option. Some people can go a whole day without food yet they have no plans to diet. It is because their schedule does not give them time to enjoy a proper meal. Others do not have time to prepare a balanced diet and so they end up filling their stomach with some junk foods. The result in this is weight gain. What follows is that people will start spending sleepless nights trying to think of ways to cut back the weight. Most will therefore turn to drugs that claim to help in weight loss. While some of these drugs may give results, others may just leave one disappointed by digging deeper into their pockets trying to treat the side effects thus making one poorer. You do not need all these hassle because you can avoid them. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. This is by including all nutrients in your food which are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals as well as vitamins. Not just including them in the diet but make sure they are in the right quantity and quality. You must also ensure that you take enough water to enhance digestion. Take lots of fruits for vitamins to keep off most of the common diseases. This accompanied with some exercise will work to help you maintain your fitness at all times and you can even live longer. Statistics have shown that the current generation may be dying at an early age due to their poor living and eating habits. You must also ensure you are free from stress. Maintain emotional health by keeping a company of people who brings out the best in you. Gaining weight could be one way to acquire stress and that is why it is important to observe a healthy lifestyle.

What else matters in your body health?

The body is made up of different parts. Each one of them supplements the rest and therefore any dysfunction of one will negatively affect the rest. If the eye is the problem, then it means that your sight will be affected. If your legs are unwell, then you will not enjoy a walk around and this could make you unfit since you cannot exercise. When your brain is slow, everything in you gets slow. That is how each feature is very important. For the eyes, you will be required to eat enough of vitamin A to keep them in their good condition. Visit an optician if need be. Observe general rules such as avoiding poorly lit or extremely lit rooms, sharp objects close to the eyes among others. You must also ensure that your oral health is taken good care of. Brush your teeth after meals, eat enough vitamin C to avoid bleeding gums, eat hard foods to make teeth strong and make it a habit to visit a dentist. You can learn more about dental health from the dental hygiene schools in Miami since this is a very important part of your body; for smiling, eating and communicating. Some of these schools include UEI College, Everest College, and Lincoln Technical institute among others.

How Finding an Experienced Lawyer will help you Beat DUI Charges in Georgia

How Finding an Experienced Lawyer will help you Beat DUI Charges in GeorgiaThe laws and penalties of driving under the influence or plainly DUI differ from state to state. In Georgia, you can be convicted of DUI in two ways: when the driver is proven to have had 0.08 grams of blood alcohol concentration during or within 3 hours of driving or operating a vehicle; and when the driver is proven to have had alcohol and or other intoxicants that impede safe driving. If convicted of DUI, a driver can be slapped with up to $5,000 in fines and or with up to five years in state prison for repeat offenders. A first time offender could be fined up to $1,000 in fines and or 10 days to 1 year in jail as well as a month of community service, probation of up to a year, loss of driving license for up to a year and a mandatory alcohol evaluation.

How do you escape all these cruel punishments?

Your best bet to beating a DUI charge lies in finding an experienced DUI defense attorney – that’s it. It is important to understand that being placed under arrest fir DUI does not mean you are doomed, or that there is nothing you can do to go free. Suspected drivers often have a chance to plead their case in court and the lawyer’s task is to use available information to fight the charge and try to get a dismissal of the charges. The lawyer will analyze the circumstances and the details surrounding the arrest and find ways that will work in your favor to go for a complete dismissal or in the least discuss your options with you before you stand before the judge.

It is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that you were driving under the influence, not your responsibility to prove that you are innocent. TO achieve a conviction, the prosecution will provide evidence often in the form of blood, urine, sobriety and breathalyzer test results to use against you in court. It does not mean you will be prosecuted when these results are produced; for years, these results have been disputed in court because they can be proven to have been unreliable. A good and experienced lawyer will find faults in the evidence provided just enough to raise the doubt needed to dismiss the charge.

Whether it is your first DUI charge or you have been netted by the law before, you deserve a good lawyer who will analyze every small detail of the case and find the cracks that will save you a lot of trouble. The possibility of finding flaws in a DUI case is high but they are often dependent on the specific details of the case. The best Peachstate Lawyer in Georgia I know often gets dismissals based on specific mistakes that the arresting officers make, and this works every time. The officers are required to follow strict protocols and procedures before, during and after arrest, but because they are human, just like you and I, they make mistakes that often get drivers off the hook. Taking advantage of such mistakes is highly dependent on the lawyer you choose to fight your battle in court.

Why is choosing a good and experienced lawyer very important?

Relying on a lawyer provided by the state is possibly the worst mistake you could make if you decide to fight the case in court. This is for the obvious reason that state provided lawyers do not really care enough to see your case through because they handle hundreds of those cases, and they are all often the same to them. Finding a good lawyer who will dedicate the time to critically analyze your case is your best bet if you really want to avoid going to jail, paying hefty fines, wasting a month of your life doing community work, losing your driving privileges or getting a permanent dent on your record.

Exercise in Daily Routine

Exercise in Daily RoutineWhy exercise?

Exercise is essential to your physical and mental development and wellbeing. It ensures that food intake and nutrients are distributed proportionately and efficiently. Sleeping patterns are better regulated through regular and consistent exercise and this is important for the brain’s functioning and release of hormones which help maintain a healthy state of mind, healing and growth.

Additionally, exercise helps build muscle and maintain a lean figure for both women and men. Young people under the age of 25 who are still growing must incorporate a healthy diet and exercise in their daily routines to ensure that their bone structure is formed to its full potential. Over all exercise, just like diet, social relationships and professional and academic achievements, is crucial to personal development and growth throughout life.

Obsession with gym exercise vs resourcefulness

Population in Western and developed countries have to make time for exercise because for the majority of people, exercise is not naturally incorporated into their daily routines. At the contrary less developed countries rely on ‘hands on’ jobs, for example working in a coffee farm in Colombia. Though the Colombian coffee farmer may get a few cuts and rough hands, with regard to exercise, he’s far healthier than the average office worker who does a 9-5 office job. Indeed on average western wages can afford for a gym membership as a personal investment or buying gym equipment to use at home, for example a spin bike.

People from developed countries have become increasingly more resourceful rather than obsessed with gym exercise and purchasing gym equipment to enhance their physical fitness. Making the most of resources if a in many ways an evolutionary advantage to maximize your individual fitness.

Natural exercise

This is easier to do when you are still at school or university because you can join clubs and societies. It’s also much easier to exercise naturally for adults who live near parks and green areas or are member of sports and performing arts club. Best of all would be to live near the sea and indulge in all sea sports and swimming exercise.

For those who are under 25 years old and are still in education, natural exercise is more available. Cycling to school, college and university campus or taking the long walk back home is better than getting the bus, if you want to begin to incorporate exercise into your routine. Up until 18 years old, regular exercise is hard to avoid because many young people play sports for school clubs and their local town or village. For university students and adults is easier to succumb to laziness and regress to books, work, parties and sleeping until late hours of the afternoon.

It’s advisable to find the motivation by joining clubs and societies that are of interest to the individual and preferably spark a sense of competitiveness that will motivate attendance and regular exercise. Trying new sports and outdoor activities as well running once a day can help incorporate natural exercise and avoid the gym. Whilst those who are more gifted and talented should try to join dance classes and workshops of this nature to really make the most of their potential and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Don’t avoid exercise!           

If the neighbourhood where you live is not suitable for cycling or running around the block, then join a local swimming pool or gym that will allow for some regular exercise and maybe a few new friendships.

Achieve Healthy Hair

Achieve Healthy HairHair can at times be a burden, but once you have found the way to work with your hair it becomes more than a burden, it becomes an important part of the way you want to present yourself and the look you want to achieve. The best way to get around this and the best basis to build on is to have healthy hair. This can be achieved in several ways, and if your hair is currently unhealthy or if you feel it could be healthier then it is important to find the way that you can make your hair healthier, and what is currently making it unhealthy.

Change your washing habits

Wanting to avoid having dirty hair is very understandable, but washing your hair every day to avoid this is a bad practice and will lead to unhealthy hair. Hair releases oils that make it appear dirty, but that are actually very good for the hair making it thicker and more vital, which are washed away every time you use shampoo and conditioner. After having washed every day for a while, the hair is starved for a while and becomes much thinner and dryer.

The best thing to do in this case is to just stop washing it for a few days and allow the oils to build up again. This may be difficult, and at first the hair will be very oily which may be difficult to cope with, but it is just trying to compensate for the period when it could not do this, and after washing less frequently for a while this will not become so bad.

Other habits

The hair is part of the body and receives a portion of the vitamins and nutrients that you eat, so eating vitamins that are needed by the hair to be healthy will actively contribute towards this.

If you hair has become very unhealthy then it can be a good idea to cut it fairly short as you make all these changes, which works the same way as pruning trees; saving the vitamins for a smaller amount so that it feels the changes more and makes more of a difference.

For any other ideas visit the website to find any other tips, advice, or other ways to get healthy hair.

Amazing Uses of Herbal Chinese Remedies at Home

Amazing Uses of Herbal Chinese Remedies at HomeFor hundreds of years, people have been using herbs to treat their health issues, prevent conditions and to stay healthy and fit. Herbs were basically consumed as a part of the diet, not just when death is imminent. Today, corporations and the changing climates and populations around the world has forced a new, expensive and very dangerous medications that are often made from chemicals. The age of information is springing new surprises though as more and more people are realizing the benefits of herbal medications to human health, hence the reason traditional medications are making a comeback in style.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines have been proven to treat most health issues and to prevent conditions that would demand complicated and expensive modern medications. Most herbs used by the Chinese people for centuries are today found in supermarkets, natural pharmacies and even in online shops at ridiculously low prices. Medication is not supposed to be expensive; they are just intentionally made expensive. Traditional herbal medicines are cheap because they do not undergo complex processing steps, just packaging and shipping and for some, special extraction and packaging.

To illustrate my point, here are 5 traditional Chinese Herbal remedies that you should consider reading further on, even try them out to know their efficacy.

Gui Zhi (Cinnamon): The cinnamon we use in seasoning baked goods has been in use by the Chinese for millennia based on records found dating back to 2,700 B.C. When used for medication, this botanical remedy can treat menstrual disorders, abdominal masses, common cold, cramps, arthritis and respiratory congestions among others.

Sheng Jiang (Ginger): Many cultures have been using ginger for centuries to treat skin inflammations, digestion problems and inability to relive skin and stomach ailments. Today, this abundant plant is also used to treat nausea and morning sickness, heartburns, headaches and cramps and coughs. Sheng Jiang is just a more potent variety of ginger native to the Himalayas.

Gou Qi Zi (Goji berry):  Gou Qi Zi, a Goji berry, was a little known plant ten years ago, but it is now being cultivated commercially in several parts of China. The plant, also called Wolf berry, is very easy to find today and can be found as ready to drink juice or as dried berries. You can eat it raw, dried, brewed with tea or added to soup to prevent and treat allergies, colds and flu among other virus-caused issues.

Huang Qi (Astragalus) Huang Qi is Astragalus, the most popular herbal solution to preventing a wide range of health issues and conditions including getting rid of blood toxins. The root of this plant is recommended to people with low immunity and children and people who are suffering from constant fatigue. You can find this root in almost every Asian grocery store but it is better to purchase it packaged online.

Shan Zha (Hawthorn) The Shan Zha, called Hawthorns in the western world, are bright red berries that have remained very popular in the Chinese culture and have also been used extensively by the ancient Greeks and native Americans. This herb relieves food stagnation, strengthens the heart, promotes the circulatory system and helps control high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fat metabolism.

Guidelines on Feeding Your Puppies

Guidelines on Feeding Your PuppiesWhat are you supposed to do when you are feeding your puppies? And what kind of food is suitable for these small animals? Many people who have puppies at home are not sure of what to feed these little ones. As such, they may just buy dog food in the stores and happily give it to the puppies, hoping that the puppies will grow healthy and happy eating such foods. Well, the puppies will grow but they may end up lacking the recommended nutritional value from the foods that you will be feeding them.

The feeding challenge

From the experience of people who have never kept dogs, puppies can be challenging. If this is your first time keeping a puppy, then you have to read as much as possible. The reviews of dog and puppy foods will come in handy at this point. You will definitely be able to get the right information so that what you give your puppy as food is what the vet would recommend. You have to be sure of the frequency of feeding your dogs. This will help you not to overfeed it. You do not want an overweight or rather obese puppy.

You need to visit a website such as so that you can get proper guidance on pet food, frequency of feeding your puppies, medication as well as grooming your young dogs. This website would particularly be good for all the people w ho are owning dogs for the first time.

Reading of Dr. Kristy Conn and other Vets’ Advice

If there is a better way to feed the puppy well, then that would be following the guidelines given by vets. If you follow the advice of your vet, or if you read authoritative vet magazines and reviews, then you would definitely benefit from the expert advice and ideas. You want to your puppy t get the right nutrition. As such, basic puppy feeding guidelines will be come in handy and any questions asked to the right vets will come a long way in giving you the confidence and the morale to do what is good for your young pets.

The First Six To Eight Weeks of the Puppy

When your puppy is young enough, it should stay with its mother. This will ensure that the mother can nurse the puppy ad-lib. This will ensure that the puppy can get the mother’s milk. The mother’s milk is very important as it provides the puppy with the necessary antibodies that ensure that it gets the best protection from diseases. When it is not possible to keep the puppy with the mother in the first eight months, then milk replacers are the best to give to the puppy. Bottles designed for puppies will also come in handy in this kind of a situation. The mother may also not be able to breastfeed the puppies if she develops mastitis or eclampsia. Both cases warrant the puppies to be given milk using alternative means.

Weaning A Puppy To Solid Foods

When you need to wean your puppies, make it gradual. It needs not be an overnight endeavor. It should ideally take place over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the brand of puppy food you intend to use for this purpose. The foods that you will choose need to be of high caloric and nutritional needs. This is due to the fact that these young dogs need a lot of nutrients as they grow and this means you have to consult your vet for the best guidance. Your veterinarian is the best person to guide you on the kind of puppy food you can use but generally, the food should be rich in proteins, calcium, calories and vitamins and minerals. The reason for this is that these young animals are growing fast and they need all these components for their healthy growth.

Frequency of Feeding Your Puppies

Your puppies need to be fed three and sometimes up to four times per day. If you are currently feeding them ¾ cup of puppy food twice a day, then you can consider feeding them ½ a cup three times a day. Smaller meals should be easier to digest for the puppy and the energy levels do not peak and fall so much with the frequent meals. Sometimes the frequency of feeding your dog will be also determined by the breed of the dog. You would be advised to stick with the 3 to 4 times feeding frequency for the mixed breed puppies. This will help minimize the risk of the puppy getting gastric dilation or even volvulus.

Every time you are not sure of the way to go in as far as feeding your puppies is concerned, it is always advisable that you consult the vets for clarification.